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Alfred Steiglitz

Purchase this original watercolor painting and all proceeds go to the Library at the A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Center—promoting literacy through teaching and learning about the African roots experience, including history and culture, through a dynamic exchange of information, ideas, and creativity.

Original 11x17” watercolor portrait of Ada Bricktop Smith as featured in The Art of the Affair: An Illustrated History of Love, Sex, and Artistic Influence. Framed as shown in alternate images. Comes with a copy of the book signed by the illustrator.

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As he appears in the text:

“Alfred Stieglitz was married when he met Georgia O’Keeffe, but she became his muse and soon his next wife. He introduced her to Paul Strand, another young artist, and Georgia and Paul began a passionate correspondence, Georgia once writing that she had to be naked when she composed her letters because he caused her to overheat. Years later, Alfred had an affair of his own with Paul’s wife, Beck. Georgia then followed suit.”

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