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Dora Maar

Purchase this original watercolor painting and all proceeds go to the Library at the A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Center—promoting literacy through teaching and learning about the African roots experience, including history and culture, through a dynamic exchange of information, ideas, and creativity.

Original 11x17” watercolor portrait of Dora Maar as featured in The Art of the Affair: An Illustrated History of Love, Sex, and Artistic Influence. Framed as shown in alternate images. Comes with a copy of the book signed by the illustrator.

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As he appears in the text:

“The poet Paul Éluard introduced Dora Maar to Pablo while she was working as a set photographer for Jean Renoir. Pablo was technically married and had recently fathered a daughter with one of his mistresses, but he was, predictably, shaken by the twenty-eight-year-old’s intelligence and beauty. In the café where they met, she was stabbing a penknife between her spread fingers when she apparently missed and drew blood, staining a pair of gloves. Pablo asked to keep them.”

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