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Purchase any original watercolor painting and the entire cost will go to Black Women’s Blueprint—providing a blueprint for black liberation through a feminist lens. Black Women’s Blueprint envisions a world where women and girls of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are erased.

Original 11x17” watercolor portrait of Ondine as featured in The Art of the Affair: An Illustrated History of Love, Sex, and Artistic Influence. Framed as shown in alternate images. Comes with a copy of the book signed by the illustrator.

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As he appears in the text:

“Robert Olivo, better known as Ondine, met Andy at an orgy, where he found Andy’s voyeurism so disconcerting that he asked for him to be thrown out. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ Andy asked. ‘I don’t give a flying fuck who you are,’ Ondine said. Later, though, he became one of Andy’s go-to actors, and one of many characters in Andy’s novel a. The film The Loves of Ondine ends with a wrestling scene between Ondine and Joe Dallesandro.”

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